Thursday, March 12, 2009

Okay, I don't have a clever title for this post. So, I'm just posting,k? *smile* It just seems like I don't have the time for the internet anymore now that I am taking care of the little guy (Jaylon). Not that he is a bad baby. He is so precious and content and I love him to pieces! But he is young and I am old. LOL Okay, I am not really OLD. But now I know why the Lord means for us to have our babies when we are YOUNG! Hallelujah. But I wouldn't have it any other way, meaning I love watching Jaylon and count it a privilege.
Now, get ready to hold on because I am going to be going from one subject to another, so you have been warned! *smile*
I hadn't been able to clean my lower cupboards out for several (4 or 5) years because of the condition of my hips and back and I didn't want to ask someone else to do it for me. (you know how we are, ladies....*smile*) Anywayyyyy.....I finally got around to cleaning out the part where I keep my pots and pans! In this particular section which is next to the stove, I have always kept my aluminum foil and saran wrap, along with the pots and pans. Well, there is a place where things always fell down in by the side of the stove, though there is a piece of wood separating the stove and shelves. Well, in my cleaning out, I still had to have Ed get down on his side and reach back in there to retrieve anything that had fallen down in there over the years. Oh my word!!! He pulled out SEVEN! boxes of aluminum foil and one of saran wrap!!! I couldn't believe it!!

There are only four boxes showing in this picture because three of them had just a little bit on them, so I removed it, folded it and put it away.
Now....if you will look closely at the middle box you will see that it has a $2 Dollar General price tag on it....for 50ft. of heavy duty Reynolds aluminum foil! Heavens! do you realize how long I must have had that????? *smile* I'm going to check the price of it now the next time I go to the grocery store! And it is almost a full roll! Needless to say, I'm not going to need to buy aluminum foil for awhile!!! I've wondered a few times, since finding all of this, if I ever wondered through the years where all of my aluminum foil was going!?!?! *smile*
Now, I 'm kind of anxious to clean out my dish cupboard to see what I might find there!!! *smile*
And you just HAVE to hear this story! I hope I can get it right!
Erin's grandfather doesn't hear very well. He saw a man from their church in McDonald's or somewhere and asked him how his father was doing for the father had been ill. Bro. Pullin, Erin's grandfather, told his wife that he thought the man said his father had passed away. You see, Bro. Pullin is quite hard-of-hearing. So, of course, Sis. Pullin, upon hearing of the death in this family that goes to their church, commenced to fixing all kinds of food for the family. Well, after Sis. Pullin had all of the food prepared, she found out from someone that the man's father had not passed away. Bro. Pullin had apparently misunderstoood what the man had told him. So Sis. Pullin called her daughters and told them to come by and get some of the food and she started giving away what she could because there was no way that she and Bro. Pullin could eat it all! They were all laughing and getting a big kick out of the misunderstanding and all of the food that had been fixed, only for the man's father to REALLY pass away the very next day, AFTER all of the food had been given away! So, here we go again! LOL Poor Sis. Pullin!
And I've been wondering about something. Oh, nothing earth-shattering, trust me. But do any of you read the backs of boxes and bottles and things to see where they were made, distributed from or whatever? I guess this is just a little quirky thing of mine. Ed had gotten a package of bacon for me the other day and it was Old Courthouse brand, a brand that I had not seen before and I just wondered if it MIGHT be made or packaged in Washington Courthouse, which is where my dad's family was from. Sure enough, it was!
Another kind of quirky thing that I do: When we go on vacation and check into our hotel/motel and are all settled in our room, I get out the phonebook and begin perusing the yellow pages for United Pentecostal Churches. Then I usually look for people with the same last name as ours or other family members. Then I just peruse the yellow pages and the rest of the book. You never know what you might find out about a place by looking in the phone book! Pastor Martin said that his daughter, Robin, does this same thing. *smile*
Okay, that's all of the "quirks" I'm tellin' about today! *smile*
Jaylon is taking a nap, so I am going to go and rest a bit myself!


Denise said...

I enjoyed this post, love you.

Jewel said...

Hi Denise! It's good to "see" you!