Friday, March 06, 2009

Good Friday Morning!

Okay, that might sound a little more chipper than I am actually feeling. :-/ Oh well.....I press on because I have alot to do today. *sighhhhhh*

Erin has had to take little Jaylon to the hospital lab for bloodwork this week because his hemoglobin levels are not where they should be. Ed and I have to take him again today because they couldn't take all that they needed yesterday afternoon. Poor little guy.
Our church dinner is tonight and we're hoping to get there in time to help clean-up which is usually what we do, though I think Ed is going out at four (when it starts) to help serve beverages and so on.

The monthly youth rally is in Nelsonville tonight at 7:30 and we want to go so much. I love youth rallies and this one is where Daniel and Erin go to church, so I would really like to be there but I may not be able to. I mean, after a day of watching the boy and then finishing up the dinner. Well, that may be about all that I can do. *smile*

It is sooooo beautiful outside this morning! It is so balmy. It is about 60 degrees already! And it is supposed to be 70 tomorrow!! Everyone is so ready for some warmer temps around here and thankfully we are getting them. I just wonder if winter is over though. Hmmmmmm....

I haven't posted any pictues for awhile so I thought I would share these with you! This first one is Jaylon taking his morning nap all wrapped up in this furry blanket that our neighbor Jackie got for him!

I finally got a picture of me holding the boy! *smile* There aren't many picture of me and Jaylon because I am most often the one behind the camera!

Oh, and here is Jaylon wearing the cutest sockies!!! LOL I just love these little sockies! I had to take a picture!

And here he is responding to grandpa talking to him! *smile* He is sooooo close to making sounds and noises! Sometimes he acts like he just might bust! LOL


Barbara H. said...

What cute pictures!

It's nice weather here today, too, though not balmy.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

He really is adorable! :0)

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Denise said...

Jaylon just gets cuter and cuter. Saying a prayer for his lab work. I love you.

Jewel said...

Hi ladies! Thank you for thinking that my little grandbaby is cute, too! *smile*