Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cuteness Alert!! :-)

You have been warned! :-)

Below are some pictures of who else, but my two little grandsons, Jaxon and Jaylon!

First is Jaxon, with those chubby little cheeks that I love to kiss! :-) He is soooo adorable and such a good baby! Daniel and Erin have been so blessed to have two good babies!

These next pictures are of Jaylon all decked out at church one Sunday evening. He's pictured with his favorite girl, Katie!! :-) And the other pictures are of him and his Pawpaw, Lew Dunnells, who pastors in Nelsonville. So thankful for the wonderful in-laws that Daniel has.

A few weeks ago, Daniel and Erin's church had a prayer breakfast on Saturday morning. We decided to join them and I captured these pictures during that time.
I was sitting on the pew praying when I happened to look down and see little Jaylon beside me praying. I HAD to take his picture! I know you understand, all of you fellow grandmothers! :-) AND I had to use the flash because the lights were dimmed! (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!) LOL
Later, as we enjoyed a delicious breakfast I snapped these photos of little Jaxon and his Mawmaw and Pawpaw and Jaylon having breakfast with his Pawpaw!!
God is soooo good!! Thankful, again, for the godly family that Daniel married into! We are blessed!!

Well, I need to post this and get some things accomplished here at home!


MotherT said...

Those are definitely some adorable grandsons you have! The older Jaylon gets, the more he looks like Daniel!

Thanks for sharing! ((HUGS))

Terra said...

Thank you for labeling this "cute alert" as it certainly is. Your grandsons are fabulous!

Nel said...

Can we say adorable! He looks so cute in his little suit. And the little one oh my gosh, you just want to steal sugars.
I understand the picture of Jaylon praying, I would of done the same thing... us grandmothers and grannies have to stick together! lol Thanks for sharing your two little angels!
until next time... nel

Jewel said...

And you notice, ladies, that I'm not in any of these pictures!

Jewel said...
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Sweet Tea said...

Nothing like the love of a proud Grandma. Your grands ARE adorably cute. Love to see Jaylon praying so sweetly. Surely these little ones have God's ear as well as his heart.

Barbara H. said...

So cute, especially the one of Jaylon praying.

Joyce said...

Oh I can't resist a chubby cheeked little baby-too cute!

Angie said...

Super Cute pictures!

Angie said...

Have you been busy? Miss you!

Please, check out the shout out about you on my blog:
I appreciate you!