Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miscellaneous Pictures!

I was shopping in Lancaster a couple of weeks ago and when pulling into Meijer's parking lot, I spotted this kind of confusing signage! :-)
I mean, they really had to tell people not to take a right turn into the building? Okayyyyyy......:-)

I was at home with Jaylon one day and noticed that I hadn't heard or seen him for a bit and when I went looking for him, this is where I found him.....just looking so grown-up and serious. :-) He had gotten up there all by himself, though I know not how. :-)

These next few pictures are of MY room, which used to be Daniel's bedroom before his dad built a new one for him. What I didn't take a picture of is all of Jaylon's toys which are stacked not-so-neatly in the other corner. I'm havin' to fight to keep this MY room and I'll give you two guesses as to who I'm havin' this tug-of-war with! :-)
The reason I took these pictures is because I just got it cleaned and rearranged the way I have been wanting it. Pretty pleased with the results. :-)


Joyce said...

He looks quite angelic pulled up to the table all by himself like that!

Jewel said...

He is a sweetheart, Joyce! Of course, I know it is probably because I'm his grandma ;-)...but he is just so smart! I'm amazed at what he knows and understands at two! Sheesh!

Barbara H. said...

Your room looks nice!

Nel said...

That would be nice to have a room for your own stuff and who better to share it with than a grandbaby! We have a detached garage that has one side that the previous owners had a beauty shop in. That is going to be my craft room when we get the garage organized. Can't wait!

until next time... nel

Jewel said...

Oh, Nel, I have so many plans for so many things here at home but with the little guy around, I'm not getting so much done. BUT I'm having alot of fun with him!!!! :-)