Monday, June 30, 2008

The latest

Hi Everyone! So where to begin? Wellllllll.......I had the first set of injections in my lower back on June 5th. I didn't have any idea of how painful they might be, but let me tell ya, the dentist is more painful than the injections in my back were! Seriously! I was thrilled! *smile* As the medicine was going into my vein, a slow dull ache went down each leg, but it was not painful or even anything close to unbearable. Now.....did they help? Well, for the first 12 hours or so they did. I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and I was able to just get up normally and walk pain....or hardly any pain. The next morning, Ed said that he heard me get up in the night and thought there was a different woman in the room with him! *grin* But, as I said, it didn't last. *sigh* I have had a couple of people tell me that sometimes it take until the third set of injections before you experience extended pain relief. It is so different for each person. So I go for a follow-up visit on July 8. My pain level has been pretty well up there since then but I try to keep moving and doing as much as I can.
For instance......a friend at church and I volunteered to decorate for this month's ladies' meeting but in the meantime she went to Florida. Well, I didn't want to ask someone to help me on such a short notice, so I commenced to doing the decorating myself. Ed helped me gather up things here at home that I was going to use and I went shopping for a few things that I needed. The men at church had set up the tables and chairs for me already and even put tablecloths on the tables! So when I went out the evening before our meeting to decorate, it probably took me about 2 1/2 hours, which included time for shopping. Well.......I overdid it a bit and paid the price the next day and ended up not being able to even go to the ladies' meeting! *sigh* But it looked really beautiful for the ladies who were able to go! *smile* And the ladies who cleaned up and took everything down, gathered all of my things up for me and Ed brought them home a couple of night's later and then it took me a week to get everything put away, as I did a little each day. *grin* Do you know what a change this is for a person (ME!) who used to be a whirlwind at getting things done? Now everything is a process which seems to be getting slower as time passes but, ohhhhh, am I learning patience, which is a good thing.
Ed and I are still teaching a bible study to Bill and Doug on Wed. evenings before church. When we first started, they both had difficulty finding the books of the Bible and so on, but you should see them now!! It is unbelievable how much they have learned in such a short time but they are so hungry for the Word and the things of God and now Bill's two brothers have been coming to church and one of them is going to join our Bible study Wed. evening! God is so good! And there are hungry people out there!
I took the picture above yesterday morning as we were getting ready to leave for church. There is a little butterfly on the handle of the plow, that WAS on the flower when I was ready to take the picture! *smile*
Daniel and Erin are doing great. She is about 3 1/2 months along now and hasn't had any morning sickness at all. We went to their church picnic yesterday after church in the morning. Well, after some discussion, we went to the picnic, that is. Ed and I were getting in the car and he asked me if we were going to Nelsonville's church picnic and I asked him when it was and he said this evening. Well, I asked him how long he had known about it and he said about a week and I asked HIM when he had planned to tell me about it and HE said that he figured that Daniel had told me and "I" said that Daniel probably figured that HIS DAD would tell ME! LOL Anywayyyyyyy......I called Erin and she said that they were in the process of having their picnic even as we spoke. Soooooo, my DH even had the time wrong! LOL Bless his heart! *smile* Anywayyyyy.......we went down and had a wonderful time of eating scrumptious food and enjoying precious fellowship with the saints of the Nelsonville church. Now, I am not much of a dessert person, but there was this luscious looking pecan pie (my favorite) sitting there just asking to be eaten, so I had a small piece and it was heavenly and come to find out, it was a Marie Callendar pecan pie. I couldn't believe it wasn't homemade and what made it sooooo delicious was the filling! It was so caramelly and creamy! It was the best I have EVER had. Sooooo, if you are needing a wonderful dessert and don't have much time, may I recommend Marie Callendar's Pecan Pie in your grocer's frozen food section? *smile*
Well, I need to go and get a few things done but I will blog some more a little later, k? There's so much to blog about!! Have a wonderful Monday!!!


Theresa said...

Glad the first shot helped some. Hopefully, you will get some extended relief with the next shot.

Glad to "hear" from you again. I was starting to get concerned.

Jewel said...

Hi is good to hear from you, too. I'm gonna try to be more faithful to the blogging here! *smile* Hope you and your family are doing well. ((HUGS))

Barbara H. said...

Your new look here is beautiful! I hope the relief from the injections starts lasting longer for you.

Jewel said...

Hi Barbara....thank you, thank you. It took me awhile to get it all done. I'm not very proficient at doing that sort of thing BUT I did it! Yayyyyy! *smile* I hope they do, too. I've heard so many different stories, but mostly that it usually takes more than one, usually up to three series of injections for it to really begin to help, so we will see.